by Solus

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released April 19, 2017



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Solus Florida

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Track Name: Entity
Wait! I'm not done with you
It wouldn't be fair
To let this one go
Over my head again!
Over my head again!
One too many times!
I've looked you in the eyes
For an eternity
Just get out of my head
You don't belong!
Your something else!
You're an Entity, I have trouble fighting off
Help me
It lives inside me!
Track Name: Hell To Pay
Every night I wake in a cold sweat
Your face beading down on mine
Every breath I take is supervised by you
The blankets grow wet with the sweat Of my agony
Fear never looked so ugly
And here it is my face
I'm forced to keep a constant gaze
For if i look away,
there will be hell to pay(x2)
It would not be fair to let this go any farther
I am my own person I'll do as I please
YO! Get the fuck up!
What you did to me
You've have an enemy
All I've have to say
You have an enemy

When I look into your eyes deceit is all I can see
I'll get my revenge at any cost nessasary


I! I don't care!
I! I don't care!

FUCK you
Track Name: Preach
Burn down the churches of god
We are not here by his doing
We are the single most worthless
Species to inherit this planet!
They say we're built in his image?
But all I see is worthless human flesh!

I hate seeing You bow down
Before a creature!
Who demands our worship!

If I could rip him from the heavens to gaze upon his mortal flesh, strip this deity of all control

We kill each other in the name of our "gods"
Why can't we all just get along?
We as humans will never evolve
You waste your lives
Can't you see the shit they spew?
Now its my turn
I don't give a one single fuck about your "god"!
Track Name: Past Failures
My past failures seem to be catching up to me
I cry silent tears because the need to be free from this curse beckons to me
I cannot keep holding onto a life that should end
Because in the end no one gives a fuck about you Anyway
(No one gives a fuck)
You in up in the dirt with the ones who left you all behind
Left you all behind
I fear the day I no longer fear at all
Then I'll know I'm ready to fall